Thursday, January 5, 2012

Putting it out there

So....on here...on blogland, I comment on the Fluffy Sheep Quilting blog that I would love to join a quilting bee online.  Haven't found one yet.   However I have decided to take a HUGE step and propose a quilting bee within my local quilt guild that I belong to.  Now, this is big for me.  First off, I'm the newbie in the quilt group.  Secondly, I am one of the youngest in the group and usually just sit and listen to the ladies stories, laugh along but I don't say much, I just enjoy the company.  Third, I am fairly new to quilting.  I did a little bit in high school in home ec. class in 1993.  That was it until April 2011 when I was asked if I wanted to be in the guild because I showed interest.  From there I just jumped in feet first and have been loving every minute of it since. proposing a quilting bee was gigantic for me.
The ladies who saw the post online where I proposed it (on the facebook site for the guild that I take care of...another huge step for me-offering to do that for the group) thought it was a great idea.  They had done some in the past but thought that this would be great to do right now to kick off the year and get them motivated to get back into the sewing room.
One of the ladies who saw the post and comment said she would love to help me out since I was a little worried about what to do, how to get started, when to talk to the ladies about it....and so on.  So, we have two options to present.  We will see if the ladies what to do a Quilt along were we use our own fabric, make our own blocks and just do the same blocks and post our progress.  The second choice will be a block exchange where we make one block a month and at the end of the month one person gets those blocks that were made just from our stashes and using the same pattern.  I really hope the ladies vote for the block exchange.  I don't have any blocks made by anyone else and don't have anything I've made for myself yet since I've just started.  I would love to have something pretty to put out on my furniture or hang up.  Also, we hope the group that wants to do this is rather small and with ladies that WILL complete the blocks on, we will see what happens.
I will keep you all posted on my progress.....forging onward into a new adventure!!!!  LOL

Little foxy photo to send you off with a warm goodbye!!!


a good yarn said...

Here's hoping your group takes on the bee with enthusiasm. I hosted a block swap in 2010 and it was a great success. Each of the members received 20 plus blocks made and signed by the other members in the swap. We are putting the blocks together in our own way and each quilt will be a unique and wonderful memento of our blogging friendship. ann :-)

sunny said...

Good for you! I wanted to join a Round Robin, and couldn't find one, so I started my own! Another thought for your group - Our Guild did a Brown Bag exchange last year. Each participant made a block from 2-3 fat quarters, then put it in a bag with one new fat quarter. We exchanged them at the guild meeting, and took home to add another block using the scraps from block one, and the new fat quarter. THen add another new fat quarter and pass it on. Good Luck with whatever you do!