Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011...a year in pictures

January 2011 started us out with snow.  The kids wanted to go play and of course my daughter had to make a snow angel.  Here is her back after she was finished.  lol
In daughter was elected by the Seniors to be the little princess at the basketball homecoming.  She got to dress up, give the flowers to the Senior girl elected homecoming queen and got some professional pictures taken.  I think she had a lot of fun.
In March we took a family day trip to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson KS.  Great museum....and the kids loved it.  Here is my son reading up on one of the planes at the exhibit.
In April....of course we celebrated Easter at the farm in Oklahoma.  The farm always has such wonderful sunsets and I probably have countless sunset pictures because I just can't resist them.  lol  Also the month were my Quilting addiction started and I join the Apple Patch Quilting Guild!
In May we celebrated both of my kids son turned 11yrs at the first of June and my daughter turned 7yrs at the end of May so usually we combine the days for one party.  They both decided on a water gun fight party....we had my daughters first, with her friends and then my son had his friends over at a later time....or that was how it was suppose to

In June and several other times throughout the summer we went to my families pond in OK to get some fishing in.  Unfortunately, the summer was soooooo dry and the pond was sooooo low, I was worried if we would even catch anything.  For us it didn't really matter however, we like to just go and explore.
In July we took a family trip to Nebraska and to Colorado.  It was such a great time, hope we can go to Colorado again this upcoming summer.  Always so beautiful and the places we went were so green and pretty.
In Aug I don't think we did a whole lot.....or at least I didnt take a whole lot of pictures.  I did however catch my very first catfish (which I was NOT actually fishing for....I like to catch bass).  I think the family pond was soooo low that I was getting close to the bottom when I would cast. is a picture of my catfish I caught.
In September we are always gearing up for school.  My husband and I both work at the same school my kids attend. It's great being together.  Here is there first day of school moment.  lol
In October we enjoy Halloween, football season, and a lot of outdoor time in the cooler weather.  Here's a pic of us at a Zoo we had never been to before....was a nice little zoo for a small town.
In November we enjoy a lot of family time.  I always realized that my son is growing up so fast.  Here he is driving the tractor all by himself and feeding cows hay with a little supervision from his dad at the farm in OK.
And finally we get to Dec. were we spend a lot of time visiting family, going to Christmas programs at the schools and gearing down at work ourselves until after the new year.  This year in our travels we visited several Christmas light displays.....they are always so pretty lit up at night.
OVERVIEW......I think this last year was wonderful, spent with lots of family time together and lots of love and laughter.  I only hope this upcoming year will be more of the same and better.
Happy New Years to You All!!!!!!!


a good yarn said...

Happy New Year Kristi! It's amazing what a family packs into a year. ann :-)

Tanya said...

What a lovely overview of your year. I enjoy seeing other parts of the world.