Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've starting reading a new book.  For those of you who know me and know what I read then the book I am currently enjoying is a huge leap away from the norm.  Eat Pray Love is what currently has caught my reading attention.  I had not been reading much lately because I have been pretty busy in the way of quilting and cleaning and garage sale organizing and watching kids and my working on my book and ....the list goes on.  I was even told about some books by a friend and I had read the first one in that series but had put the second on aside for a bit while I focused on other things.  But this book, Eat Pray Love I picked up merely to check it out ended up catching my attention.  I seriously thought I would pick it up, read a page or two and then put it away with all the other books that I didn't find interesting.   The book is funny and compelling.  It keeps you reading from one scene to the next.  It makes you think "I identify with that"  and other parts make you think "well, I don't identify with that but I can see where she is coming from".  It's a good book.  I hope if you haven't read it, you will consider adding it to your reading list.  I am glad I did.
As far as all the things I am doing and need to do....well they are slowing getting done.  I am quilting....have a group get together starting Sunday and lasting until Thur.  9am-9pm.  Come and go type of thing.  I can't wait to spend some time on my projects and visit with the ladies.  Lots of fun.
I am also still working on my book....editing.  I need to eventually get up the nerve to submit it to an agent...but that will come.
I have plans to spend the day with my mom and one of my sisters on Sat.  Shopping for our kids' school cloths and then dinner with then and some of my Aunts and female cousins. Lots of fun as well.  Can't wait!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Quilting away.....

I have been just quilting away lately.  I didn't realize how relaxing it would be.  I have completed the top for my sons quilt and started a Christmas table runner that was a project from our quilt meeting a few weeks ago (it's looking cute).  I have also been planning in my mind my moms quilt and my friend Shawna's quilt.  I'm excited to get started on both of those.
I should be doing other things house work and working on my book.  But oh work will wait and the book gets attention a little bit every day.  *smile*