Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quilting at the Cabin

The Quilt Retreat with the ladies from my guild was a lot of fun.  Spend the day sewing and visiting.  Here are some pictures of the day and the show and tells they all brought.   Not a lot of words today but tons of pics....enjoy!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

quilt retreat

This is our spring break....a week without work and time to spend with my own family.  However, tomorrow I get to go to a quilt retreat for a day.  The ladies in my guild all drive about an hour to another guild members cabin and we sit and quilt all day, enjoying food, fun and laughter. 
Last year I had just joined the guild and started quilting so I didn't go to the retreat, but this year I am super excited and can't wait.  I am still unsure what I will need to take and how much work I will need to bring to keep myself busy. 
I'm really thinking I will just take some of the tutorials for the Oh My Stars Quilt Along.....I am soooooo far behind.  Maybe I can finish the stars I am working on right now (pattern #3) and get pattern #4 and maybe even pattern #5's wishful thinking. 
We are also trying to get four retirement quilts who knows what all they have planned.
I am really excited about the trip to the quilt store together that they all take.  We get 20% off everything in the store, including sale items....woo hoo....main thing I am going to look for is backing fabric.  And a hexie template.

Well.....hope everyone is enjoying their Wednesday.  It's damp an a little cool here but spring has sprung and I love it!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well....Today is National Quilting Day and St. Patrick's Day.  We had our quilt guild meeting at my house today.  Everyone showed up mainly to visit and swap blocks for a project we are doing together.  We are also working on 4 quilts for retirees at the school where most of us work (or have worked) we spent time picking and repicking and cutting fabrics for one of them.  I get to sew five of the blocks and 4 other stacks of 5 are being handed out to some of the other quilters.  We had a lot of fun.
I made green cupcakes.... Key lime Cheesecake Cupcakes.
One of the ladies came showing how much St. Patties spirit she REALLY had!  Too Linda

Also ....some lovely goodies came today from Intrepid Thread!!  I REALLY NEED an Etsy Addiction
 Some Summer Love.....which I love....need to think of a solid to go with them...thinking maybe PLUM (or maybe not)
Some Grey yardage and Green yardage....and of course she sends along two adorable free it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day To You All!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Alrighty.....think I am ready to give these a try!
I don't have a lot of projects going at one time....currently I only have my sisters quilt I am working on for her soon to be new baby and I have pieces cut for my daughter's new quilt (which I don't want to start until I have more done on the baby quilt).  That's pretty much it.  
Now....if I didn't have quilt meetings to attend where I need something to do, these projects would be plenty.....but unless I am doing cutting for a project (beginning stage of a quilt) or binding on a project ending stage of a quilt) I don't have anything to do with my hands while I sit and visit. decision to try to learn how to do hexies.  I have never attempted them before but love the look of them.  (well....mine won't be in flower shapes because I'm not really a flower person).  Doing these hexies will give me something to do.  I am not planning on doing a big huge project, just something small unless I really like it and it may continue to build  We will see. is how I'm starting....nothing high tech here mind you.  Just a cut out template used from the back of a new rottary cutter blade and a charm pack....and of course some hexies out of paper that I printed off on my computer and I will need to cut out myself.  


Now on to the other stuff.......I had mentioned my daughter's new quilt I am starting and the baby quilt.  Here are a few pics of what I have done so far....starting with my daughter's. 
The black fabric I just's called Sew has bright colored swirls, moons, stars and such all over it.  I cut it into 5" charms and paired it with bright colored batiks....going to do half square triangles in a pattern my daughter liked.

The next group of photos are of the baby quilt.  My sister wanted I found these super cute fabrics and am doing half square triangles in this project as well.  I think it will be super cute when it is finished.

 Here's the layout.....not put together yet......the last pic is just a closer view of the bottom end of it.  I hope she likes it when I get it finished.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two Finishes and some fabric

So happy to have two finishes under my belt for the 2012 year.  The first is a Friendship Star lap quilt for my best friend Shawna.  She hasn't seen it yet but she doesn't get on here so felt safe posting pics.  I think it turned out pretty nice.

The second finish is a little table topper for my other good friend Adena.  This is for a pay it forward that she and I are doing!  I think she will like it.....I know I do.
Belle wasn't amused with being in the

Now for some pretty fabrics.  I mentioned in the last post that I bought some fabric that I didn't realize was corduroy.  It's cutting up rather well.  Wanted to also show the two fabrics I got to go with them.  A pretty pale green and some white with flowers all over it.  Think the baby blanket for my soon to be new niece will be cute.
And lastly I bought some green fabric to add to what I have been collecting for my brothers quilt project which I have yet to start as well as some super cute black fabric with an all over bright print design.  This black fabric is for my daughter to do with some bright batik charm squares I have.  Can't wait to start her quilt.
 Belle didn't mind posing with these when I took her picture!  *smile*

So....that's it for now.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend....I know I am!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A little annoyed at myself

My step sister is having a baby in July and I promised I would make her a quilt for the baby using some owls prints.  Well....before I knew the gender I had picked out some fabrics but I wasn't very happy with them because they felt very rough.  When I found out they were having a girl, I decided to buy some super cute pink fabric with owls in a better quality fabric.  Well....I ordered it off of etsy, because I love etsy.  I didn't pay very close attention to the part on the fabric that said it was a light weight corduroy.....assuming it can be used in a quilt.  My problem however, or my question I should say is, can I combine these light weight corduroy fabrics with regular cotton fabric???

Anxious to hear everyone's thoughts!!!

Forgot to post a pic of the corduroy they are....super cute!!