Friday, March 2, 2012

A little annoyed at myself

My step sister is having a baby in July and I promised I would make her a quilt for the baby using some owls prints.  Well....before I knew the gender I had picked out some fabrics but I wasn't very happy with them because they felt very rough.  When I found out they were having a girl, I decided to buy some super cute pink fabric with owls in a better quality fabric.  Well....I ordered it off of etsy, because I love etsy.  I didn't pay very close attention to the part on the fabric that said it was a light weight corduroy.....assuming it can be used in a quilt.  My problem however, or my question I should say is, can I combine these light weight corduroy fabrics with regular cotton fabric???

Anxious to hear everyone's thoughts!!!

Forgot to post a pic of the corduroy they are....super cute!!


Pat said...

I've never made a mixed fabric quilt, but I would think you could. It would be worth a try.

Ann Marie said...

It should be fine. I've made blind baby quilts before using different textured fabrics (corduroy, satin, swiss dot, etc.) and other than the satin needing lots of pins to keep it from sliding all over, it worked out OK. I'd recommend washing the fabrics before you start so you don't have to worry whether one type will shrink more than the other when the quilt is first washed.
They are super cute fabrics. The quilt will be adorable.