Sunday, March 11, 2012


Alrighty.....think I am ready to give these a try!
I don't have a lot of projects going at one time....currently I only have my sisters quilt I am working on for her soon to be new baby and I have pieces cut for my daughter's new quilt (which I don't want to start until I have more done on the baby quilt).  That's pretty much it.  
Now....if I didn't have quilt meetings to attend where I need something to do, these projects would be plenty.....but unless I am doing cutting for a project (beginning stage of a quilt) or binding on a project ending stage of a quilt) I don't have anything to do with my hands while I sit and visit. decision to try to learn how to do hexies.  I have never attempted them before but love the look of them.  (well....mine won't be in flower shapes because I'm not really a flower person).  Doing these hexies will give me something to do.  I am not planning on doing a big huge project, just something small unless I really like it and it may continue to build  We will see. is how I'm starting....nothing high tech here mind you.  Just a cut out template used from the back of a new rottary cutter blade and a charm pack....and of course some hexies out of paper that I printed off on my computer and I will need to cut out myself.  


Now on to the other stuff.......I had mentioned my daughter's new quilt I am starting and the baby quilt.  Here are a few pics of what I have done so far....starting with my daughter's. 
The black fabric I just's called Sew has bright colored swirls, moons, stars and such all over it.  I cut it into 5" charms and paired it with bright colored batiks....going to do half square triangles in a pattern my daughter liked.

The next group of photos are of the baby quilt.  My sister wanted I found these super cute fabrics and am doing half square triangles in this project as well.  I think it will be super cute when it is finished.

 Here's the layout.....not put together yet......the last pic is just a closer view of the bottom end of it.  I hope she likes it when I get it finished.


sunny said...

Uh oh! Didn't anyone tell you that hexies are addicting?!? You can make diamonds with them, and other geometric shapes, so have fun. Your quilt is adorable!

Katie M. said...

Love your choice of fabrics - I like brights for babies :-)
Hexies...... It's a love hate relationship with them. I don't mind making the individual hexies, I really don't like sewing them altogether... Like you, I needed to keep my hands busy, so I've gone back to knitting in the evenings.....

Brandie said...

Beautiful baby quilt! Of course she's going to Love it!