Friday, December 9, 2011

Show and tell!!!

First off I'm going to post some pictures I took while quilting the top to my mom's quilt I am making her for Christmas.  I am still a novice so please forgive my uneven stitches....I hope to keep improving.  But my motto was to just dive in and do my best.  *smile*

And another empty spool!!!  *smile*

Then I came home today to a nice squishy package.  A few months ago I won a prize from the online Fabshop hop....This gift came from Spider's Web Fabrics.  *smile*  Lovely!!!!
 **smile**  see....nice and squishy!
 A lovely package full of goodies!
 Look at all this stuff!
How did she know I was collecting greens to do a quilt for my brother!  *smile*


Anonymous said...

lovely win Kristi,and well done for jumping in and having a go ,your mum's quilt looks great

Ann Marie said...

Just diving in is the only way to get things done and learn something new. Your quilting looks good.