Saturday, December 3, 2011

some fabric and a Question

First I will post some new fabric I purchased.  The creamy batik I will use as a background fabric for a quilt along or for another quilt I have planned.  The greens and blacks I purchased for my brother's quilt.

For the Oh My Stars! Quilt along I am getting ready to start, I had a question as to background material.   I can either use the creamy batik pictured above or a kona white.
Here are some picture samples....sorry the kona is so was horribly stacked on my shelf.

here's a closer picture of the batik.
Soooooo.....let me know what you think.  I like either one so either choice works for me!!  *smile*

Edit:   I've decided to go with the white background material.  I was going to order in some pale grey but I'm ready to get started on this quilt and don't feel like waiting any longer (don't want to get behind on the quilt along).  I like the white and think it will look pretty.  The batik will find another quilt to go with in the future!  *smile*  Thank you for all your input!!!!


Betty Lou said...

I would go for Kona, but maybe try Snow. It is just a little off-white and a little softer looking. You know best though, your looking at the fabric and pictures don't look the same.

QuiltSue said...

I prefer the Kona, as I think it makes the colours of the other fabrics stand out more, but then I always like to see quite a bit of contrast between my background and the other fabrics, so I may be a bit biased!

Anonymous said...

definately Kona white,that is what i would choose Kristi

Pat said...

As lovely as that batik is, I'm not sure I like it with those clean, modern fabricsas much as I would like the Kona (or Bella). I am a big fan of a white background fabruic called Southern Belle Premium Muslin. Don't let the term "muslin" fool you -- it is as high quality as good Moda fabric. I'm also thinking a dark brown would make those colors pop and make it more masculine.

a good yarn said...

I think the white. There's enough pattern action with your coloured prints. It should set them off nicely. ann :-)