Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Follow Up (about earlier blog)

Here's a follow up on my Putting It Out There blog

The ladies in my quilt guild were really receptive to doing a block swap to kick off the new year.  I proposed the idea, sent around the table several block ideas for them to choose from and we came up with a plan.
We will be doing Geese in a Circle.  It's a paper piece project and we have to have four made sections to make one 12" block.  Our thoughts were for the next four months starting in the end of Feb., we would swap two matching sections and make 2 sections to keep for ourselves.   Then after 4 months we would have enough sections to make four 12" blocks. 
We decided to go with florals from our stash (they are going to help me out by donating some of their stash to me since my floral collection is pathetic....really can't wait until I am one of those quilters that can just "Okay, I have tons of that!!!"  lol) and also white or near white for the outer edges.

Should be tons of fun.  Will post pictures and progress as the block swap goes along.

On a side note......we had snow today.  Not much....but boy was it blowing everywhere with out 30 mile an hour wind gusts.  Not fun.  Hopefully tomorrow will be less windy!


a good yarn said...

Sounds like loads of fun and you'll find that your quilting friends will be more than generous with their stashes. Looking forward to seeing your progress. ann :-)

Betty Lou said...

Good for you for getting this started in you guild. I think you must inspire them

Wendy said...

Did you take that picture? It's awesome! I haven't seen a fox in years. And about the florals - I have a great selection of stars, polka dots and cats in my stash, but no florals. They just aren't my thing.