Sunday, January 15, 2012 you love it??

I know I love Etsy....what a great place to browse and shop.  I can spend hours looking up things and buying!!!
I can not wait for the mass of fabric I ordered off of Etsy this weekend.  Did I need to order it??  Well...Yes, Yes I Did!!!!   LOL
I will post pics when it all comes in.  Can't wait for the squishy packages to start arriving!!!  Fun!!!!!!!


suzitee said...

Lots of lovely lovely things on Etsy! Enjoy your squishy parcels :)

Pat said...

Etsy is great! It's a good place to look for that fabric you really need for your project, but that is just a little out of date & not available any more in regular shops.

a good yarn said...

Etsy? Love? You bet! Looking forward to seeing what you bought. ann :-)