Thursday, January 26, 2012

Geese in a Circle

Well....I did get into the sewing room this evening for a little bit.  Finished up two sections for the Geese in a Circle block mentioned in my previous blog.  The two sections with the red florals I made on Sunday and those two I plan to keep to add to my own project.  The other two purple/pastel floral sections will be the two I swap in Feb. with one of the ladies in my quilt guild and I will get two from someone else in the group.
When the swap is finished in May we should have traded 8 sections and made 8 sections to keep, which will result in 4 12" blocks when all is said and done.
Now, I am in no way a fan of florals really (although I have to say the red tones look lovely) but I am excited to see how it turns out and will be proud of the project when it is completed. more talking about the they are!
 Here's the two red sections.....they won't be matched up like this when the block is finished....they will be matched up more like the third picture, where they are across from one another (or they will just be mixed up at random with other sections.)
 Here is a single section.  The majority of the floral fabric is donationed from the ladies in the guild with me.  They took pity on the fact that I am a new quilter and have not gather a stash of florals as they have.  lol

Now....I realize these do not look that great together....but I wanted to show the idea of the block.  I really hope I can get some brighter/darker tones of florals when I swap the lighter/pastel purple sections.  (Does that make sense?????   LOL)

Speaking of not making sense.....How can a cat sleep this way????  At least she was comfortable enough not to wake up when I started snapping shots of her! 

Good night and happy Friday tomorrow!!!!

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a good yarn said...

What a funny pussycat! That block is so complex. Some darker tones will give you more contrast. Great work! ann :-)