Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good two days

Yesterday, my hubby came home from work a bit earlier then normal.  He suggested we go out of town (a 45 min drive) to have supper and do a bit of shopping.  Fun!  The kids enjoyed getting away and got to spend their money cards they got at Christmas time.  I go to pick up some fabric that I needed for some smaller projects for backing.
I think they look pretty and will go nicely with the projects I have in mind.  *smile*

Then today, we had out Souper Saturday Quilting Day with our quilt guild.  We brought goodies to eat and did a lot of sewing.  I didn't get a whole lot done because I was helping a newer quilter (she joined the group when I did) do the paper piece blocks that I suggested (the whole concept is in a couple of earlier blogs).'s some pics of the ladies doing what they do if you are interested.  No pics of me, since I was the lady behind the camera.

These ladies are all teachers, retired teachers, or have worked in our school system in some way.  They are wonderful to be around and I always enjoy myself.   Can't wait for our next get together!!!


Karen said...

How fun is the sewing get-togethers!? How great :)

Anonymous said...

great post kristi and what fun to do some special shopping.xx

a good yarn said...

Looks like everyone had a fun day! ann :-)