Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Thing

Florals, florals everywhere.....Good thing I'm not allergic.  lol
Our guild is doing a block swap (as mentioned in previous blogs) and the theme will be florals which had me in a panic!!!!!
I don't have any florals, I don't buy florals for myself and I hadn't really been given too many florals since I started quilting last April.
Good Thing I have some awesome, sweet, generous ladies in my quilt guild.  Went over to one of their houses today, my daughter got to play with her grand daughter-who I use to babysit three or four years ago, while she and I looked through and cut up floral scraps for over an hour.  WOW, WOW, should see the array of florals I now have here at my own home.  Very generous indeed.
I have also been told by another lady in my guild that she will bring me some of her scraps Monday at work. 
I love these ladies!!!
So, now I can begin my blocks, which is another good thing!

So.....I will leave you with some floral thoughts as I sign out for the evening. ( I just love lilacs)


a good yarn said...

Quilty friends have amazing stashes and always seem to be willing to share. Lilacs are such beautiful blooms. ann :-)

Brandie said...

Lilacs!? At this time of year!? Lucky girl.