Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lovely lovlies!!!

So I want to start off by giving a very special thank you to Brandie.  Brandie is someone who contacted me because of my Pay it Forward blog, wishing me luck and when I replied saying how I hoped to make some new quilt friends because of it, she decided to be a super sweet, generous, lovely person and send me a little gift....not as a Pay it Forward, not because I asked but just because she wanted to.  And this last week I received said gift and what a gift it, take a look at the wonderful goodies she sent me.
I have to say, I've already used a little bit of the layer cake.....just lovely! I said I would show you all the new purchases I have made.  I am in love with most of the fabric I bought...a little bit of it was just to put in my stash. it is.  Will try to remember where I got it.

This is actually a total of three of the purchases....The top photo is of course "Outfoxed" it!  The second photo is to build my stash but I love the blues, greys, and oranges.  Some of all of it will be used for a couple of Pay it Forward gifts I have in mind.  These came from The Intrepid Thread on Etsy.  As a free little thank you gift, she included a couple 5" blocks in the packages, which I have already used in a guild project I am currently doing and which I mention again in this blog.

These are from the Busy Bee also on Etsy....these lovely fabrics aren't my style but my good friend will love them in her Pay it Forward gift.  Can't wait to get started on it.  *smile*

This was just stash building fabic, however I needed the white on white for a guild project I am doing.  These are from Seaside Quilt on Etsy.  She included as a thank you a seashell, saltwater taffy, and a little set to make a mugrug.

This is some stash building fabric as well however I needed the white on white for a guild wanted a little bit of variety.

So....that is it.  Lots of fabric.  I know I won't be buying anymore for awhile.....well, at least until next month.  lol


Anonymous said...

what a lovely blogging friend Kristi.xx

a good yarn said...

That's a terrific haul of fabric and goodies. ann :-)

Brandie said...

What eye candy! All the fabric is gorgeous. At this moment I seem to be in an orange mode, so I was really looking over those fabrics, hahaha.
Good luck with all your up coming projects.
Take care

Multi said...

You're a great salesperson, you know that? After reading your little review of the Intrepid Thread's service, I looked on their etsy, saw some prints I had been eying...and ended up buying some myself, haha. :)