Thursday, February 2, 2012

Secret Sister

Well.....we picked our secret sister with our quilt guild  for the new year on Saturday.  I am happy with who I got and am excited to see what I get and who has my name at the end of the year (long time away I know).  I bought my first things for my secret sister today.  Found a really cute _____________  and some neat __________________.   lol   You know I can't tell you what I got her, what if she stumbles across my blog!   LOL

Anyways.....I think they are going to make her happy.

Since I am not sharing what I bought or any projects I've been working on.  I will leave you with some love from some little fox friends.


Anonymous said...

what fun Kristi.xx

a good yarn said...

It's going to be a lot of fun adn I look forward to seeing what you make and receive. ann :-)