Friday, February 10, 2012

New Goodies

Wanted to share some wonderful new goodies I received.
The first set of pictures are goodies I was so lucky to get from my Quilt guild secret sister.

Happy Valentines Day to me.   I received a tote that had hearts all over it (back of the stack).  Some "I love quilting" socks, a zipper pouch to put my rottary cutter in, a box of choc. kisses, a heart shaped cookie cutter, and some wonderful fabrics in a charm pack called L'amor (I's valentine type themed fabric).
Wonderful goodies I was happy to have!  Thanks to my secret sister.

Next, when I was buying fabric to give My secret sister, I happened to stumble across some fabrics I loved as well for myself.  How could I pass them up??!!!  LOL
Love these.....can't remember the name of them right off hand, have the name upstairs in my sewing room and really don't feel like going to get  I'm sure someone out there in blog land can name them pretty quick.  I think these are beautiful.  I know exactly where they are going in a quilt....unless something else comes up to claim them before the other quilt gets started.

I decided that the chances of my secret sister running across my blog was pretty slim so I wanted to post what I got her.  So happy with my purchase.  I am giving her the necklace pictured, two of the fat quarters, and a bag of caramel kisses.  She will get it on Monday evening.  Can't wait to see what she thinks of the paper piece necklace I found online.  I didn't make it, I bought it and it is pretty stunning in person.  Might have to get myself one as well!
 My secret sister likes pinks, reds and blues
 Closer view
here's the back of the necklace where you can see the paper piece pattern.

Hope everyone in blog land has a good night this evening and a happy Saturday tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Kristi what a lovely lot of gifts to receive and i love the fabrics that you bought.xx

a good yarn said...

A fabulous selection of gifts, fabrics and goodies. Plenty of eye candy there. ann :-)