Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Stuff! my inexperience, I am unsure about different battings.  The first kind I tried was a poly blend and it worked fine and washed up fine but then I read someplace that it isn't good on your sewing machine.  (Not sure if this is true but with my brand new machine I didn't want to take chances).  When I purchased new batting for my mother's quilt (which is still a work in progress) I bought a cotton batting.  Will see how it does.   Does anyone have any other preferences??   Here is the batting I bought.

I also purchased the backing material for my mom's quilt as well.  I think this will go nicely with the top and I may even use some of it as a border if I can.    The picture doesn't really do it justice.  It has a nice blend of creams, greens, blues and tans.  I really like it!


Betty Lou said...

I prefer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting for machine quilting, but I just read on Sharron Schambers web site that she recommends it also for a beginnng hand quilting. I have not heard about any of them being bad for your machine. So many choices out there for us quilters.

a good yarn said...

I have used an imported (from USA) cotton batting which fell to pieces as I was quilting. Since then I either use a wool/poly mix or a machine quiltable cotton (both Australian). Both are beautiful to machine quilt and wash well. There is a little shrinking with them. For hand quilting you would need to use an appropriate batting. ann :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristi just to confuse the issue i use cotton batting that i get from spotlight and i havent had any trouble with it,love the backing fabric.