Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ready for work of all kinds

I am ready for work to start.  I have already started teaching at summer school but I'm ready for the real thing to start.  Ready to get back into the groove and ready to see the kids.  This year will certainly be an experience but one I am looking forward to.
I am also ready to get more sewing projects done.  Joshua's quilt is coming along nicely and I will be ready to start working on the binding before I know it.  Will save that work for my guild meetings so I have something to bring that doesn't require a sewing machine.  As soon as I am done quilting my sons quilt I will continue work on my mothers.  It is beautiful so far.  I love how the colors are all coming together.  I was worried when I picked several fabrics from different stores and design lines but they seem to work together well.  Someone even asked if they were a charm pack (meaning the colors all seemed to work when someone else looked at it as well and it wasn't just in my
Another work still in progress is my book.  I took a break from it this summer for the most part but I think I am ready to dive in and get it ready for others to look at....see if I can get the thing published.  *smile*

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