Monday, August 29, 2011


Well....I thought my sewing machine just needed some oil and a good de-linting.  **deep sigh**  Apparently's dead.  Not sure what to do now.
Was contemplating getting a new machine anyways since my machine is very basic and I have had it for 20 years, but didn't want to do it so soon.  Not sure if getting it serviced would be worth it or not.
Any thoughts?????


Betty Lou said...

Twenty years old, I think it has probably served you well. Time to get a new one or there a a lot of good used ones out there. Happy hunting.

Valerie said...

What kind of machine do you have? Some machines will not function at all if something has been reinstalled incorrectly - is it possible after cleaning the lint out you might have accidently put it back together wrong? I have done this with my featherweight (which is about 70 years old lol*) and it won't even run if I don't put the bobbin in right or the needle in the right way. My newer machine does this when I forget to put the bobbin winder feature on the top in the correct position.