Saturday, August 27, 2011

Puckers!!!! Noooooo!!!!

So....I have my sons quilt almost completely done with the machine quilting on the top.  I removed it this afternoon to deal with an annoying rats nest my bobbin thread left on the back and as I was ripping the messed up quilting from that one block, I discovered a couple puckers (2 small ones and 1 slightly larger one) on the back of my quilt much to my horror.  I had been soooo careful to pin it everywhere.  **deep sigh**
I don't want to go back and rip those blocks that have the puckers under would be way to difficult.  If only the puckers were near the edges it would be an easier mistake to fix.
I'm afraid, much to my dismay, that the puckers will have to stay. (really didn't mean to make that rhyme)
This is my first major quilting attempt so I am giving myself a little slack, but still disappointed with the puckers.
Oh well!  My son will love it just the same. *smile*


Betty Lou said...

Once you give your quilt a light wash and it get all quilty, you will never notice the little tucks. Congratulations on your first machine quilting finish. Thank you for signing on as a Follower to my blog, I appreciate it so much.

Kristi said...

Thank you for the words of wisdom! *smile*

Barb said...

I hate puckers too...and one thing that has helped me if you are doing this on your home machine is the White warm and is great batting ... good luck, looking forward to seeing your finished product.

Kristi said...

thank you for the advice!!

Exuberant Color said...

We've all encountered problems with corners not meeting and puckering when we started making quilts. You learn by doing and the more quilts you make the better they turn out. I'm sure those puckers will be overlooked by your son.