Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overwhelming but fun!!!!

I have only been in my quilting guild since about March of 2011.  I am still learning the ins and outs of the guild.  What they do, when they meet, what to bring, service projects, games they play during some meetings, buckets, singing for their supper, and so on.  Not only am I learning all the ins and outs of the guild I am relearning how to quilt.  I am 35yrs old and I have not quilted since I was in high school and even that was basic block and lattice baby quilts so nothing too major at that time.  So, I am trying to work my way into harder and harder projects.  I have still yet to use a pattern with any of my quilts...everything so far has been "lets see how this looks if I do this!"....flying by my seat type of quilting.
Aside from all the projects and learning experiences and trying to find time to go to meetings when I am not dealing with my children, I am also trying to build my fabric stash.  This is a daunting and expensive (at times) endeavor.  All the ladies have this massive stash.  And here I sit barely having anything other then what I have bought for the project I am currently working on.  The ladies are generous though.  When I first joined one of the ladies gave me a started Eye Spy baby quilt to work on, finish and keep for my own.  She also gave me a sack full of scraps to work on some blocks the guild was doing when I first joined so that I could create the blocks as well and being able to be a part of the finished quilt and the joy I felt in the giving of the quilt was beyond words.  So inspiring.  I just know I have many years ahead of me to have a large stash variety like the other ladies in the guild have.  :)  I'm looking forward to fabric shopping.

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