Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geese in a Circle

Over the past 4 months, the ladies in my quilt group who wanted to participate ,have been exchanging 2 sections of the Geese in a Circle block each month.  I proposed this little exchange and have to say, I am pretty happy with the results.
The first picture is just the sections laid out the way I thought looked best.... The second picture is just the top with borders.  I'm liking it!!!  Think I will use the outer border fabric as the binding and backing material.

Just remembering my grandmother a little bit today...miss her quite a bit!!  *smile*  She's the white haired lady surrounded by her grandkids!  I'm the dark haired little girl on her lap....(third kid on the left).  She was a pretty special lady!!!!

                        Thanks for stopping by..... 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pictures at last....

I visited my step sister this last weekend for her baby shower.  Was able to give her her baby quilt I made (some owls as she requested).  I received a lot of compliments on it which made me very happy.  *smile*  Here's my sister and I with the quilt.  My sister looked lovely in her bright red and white dress and matching white accessories.  *smile*

I said it the last post I was working on my cousin's gift for her high school graduation.  Still working on the binding but wanted to get some pictures posted.  (could probably finish the binding this evening but wanted to have something to take along with me to my quilt meeting

several photos taken of different parts....*smile*

                                                                   *this is the back*

On my way home from my step sister's house, I was confronted with a sever thunderstorm between me and home.....not fun.  It was producing tornadoes and was making my husband, and me, nervous.  So....I stopped off for a bit to wait out the storm before heading on home.  Took this picture as the storm was clearing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

No pictures...just words

My cousin graduated high school this last Friday.  She is so beautiful and talented, I am sure she will go far in life.  Her mother and I were very close growing up, so much so that her daughter (the one that graduated) calls me Aunt it!!  *smile*
Well...called her mom up to see what her favorite colors are....thought maybe I could wip up a table runner for her dresser or a wall hanging in a color wave she likes.  Wouldn't you know it....she loves LIME GREEN!!!!  I don't own any lime green!!!  So etsy shopping I went.  Well in the last post I put pictures up of the fabric.....lime-ish green bird cage print and the leaves print along with a few fat quarters.  I also pulled a few pieces of fabric from my stash (sooooo wonderful to pull things from my stash after finally building up a stash to pull from). 
I have to say, the table runner is coming along nicely.  So very cute if I say so myself.  I have the whole thing quilted, now just to do the binding.  I can't wait to get it finished so I can mail it off to her!!!!

Will post pictures when I am finished!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm still alive

It's been awhile since I wrote the last time.  I have just been pretty busy dealing with the end of school year stuff....still have 2 1/2 days to go until we are out for the summer.  The kids are looking forward to it....I'm thinking I will miss the third graders I work with but I will see them all again next year since we are looping up with them.  Should be fun.
I have also been very busy trying to get back into college.  Was wanting to try to take some classes this summer but the college couldn't seem to work fast enough for me to get enrolled so I will have to wait until the fall.  That might not be such a bad thing, give me one more free summer before I am bogged down with work, school work and kids.  lol

I have a few pictures to share. First off, I took the time to organize my fat quarters.  They were in desperate need.  Think they look nice all lined up by colors or by fabric lines if I bought the set.

 Also I have bought a few more goodies....I REALLY need to stay off etsy (I know I say that every time and I never listen to myself)

 This first picture is the Rhapsodia fabric line...along the top of the stack of fabrics....then some other fat quarters to match it and toward the bottom of the pic, some yardage of Rhapsodia in the cream.  I bought these from Intrepid Thread....she always sends two 5" charm squares with the order. :)

 Then I bought these at ShuShu Style on Etsy.  The bird cage and the leaves along with the two fat quarters are for a wall hanging for my cousin.  She is graduating high school this month.  I will throw in a couple more bright colors to go with it.  Think it will be cute.  Her mom says she loves neon green....hope it's bright enough...think she will love it regardless.

Then I picked up these two fat quarters also.  Bought them to go with the bird material....but they don't.  lol

Then.....I wanted to show some more progress on my Hexie project.  Besides what I have sewn together....I have a whole bucket full of hexies ready to be added to the quilt.  Loving it!!!

Here's a final pic of my daughter, who always reminds me to Not Forget to have Fun once in awhile!!!!!!!
                                       (standing in a giant bubble at our School Carnival)