Monday, May 21, 2012

No pictures...just words

My cousin graduated high school this last Friday.  She is so beautiful and talented, I am sure she will go far in life.  Her mother and I were very close growing up, so much so that her daughter (the one that graduated) calls me Aunt it!!  *smile*
Well...called her mom up to see what her favorite colors are....thought maybe I could wip up a table runner for her dresser or a wall hanging in a color wave she likes.  Wouldn't you know it....she loves LIME GREEN!!!!  I don't own any lime green!!!  So etsy shopping I went.  Well in the last post I put pictures up of the fabric.....lime-ish green bird cage print and the leaves print along with a few fat quarters.  I also pulled a few pieces of fabric from my stash (sooooo wonderful to pull things from my stash after finally building up a stash to pull from). 
I have to say, the table runner is coming along nicely.  So very cute if I say so myself.  I have the whole thing quilted, now just to do the binding.  I can't wait to get it finished so I can mail it off to her!!!!

Will post pictures when I am finished!!!


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see it Kristi.xx

Betty Lou said...

Anxious to see the pictures, lime green------i put some in a baby quilt once, actually it was nice.