Thursday, May 31, 2012

Geese in a Circle

Over the past 4 months, the ladies in my quilt group who wanted to participate ,have been exchanging 2 sections of the Geese in a Circle block each month.  I proposed this little exchange and have to say, I am pretty happy with the results.
The first picture is just the sections laid out the way I thought looked best.... The second picture is just the top with borders.  I'm liking it!!!  Think I will use the outer border fabric as the binding and backing material.

Just remembering my grandmother a little bit today...miss her quite a bit!!  *smile*  She's the white haired lady surrounded by her grandkids!  I'm the dark haired little girl on her lap....(third kid on the left).  She was a pretty special lady!!!!

                        Thanks for stopping by..... 

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Anonymous said...

Kristi love the blocks and how special are pics for our memories,take care.xx