Tuesday, May 22, 2012

pictures at last....

I visited my step sister this last weekend for her baby shower.  Was able to give her her baby quilt I made (some owls as she requested).  I received a lot of compliments on it which made me very happy.  *smile*  Here's my sister and I with the quilt.  My sister looked lovely in her bright red and white dress and matching white accessories.  *smile*

I said it the last post I was working on my cousin's gift for her high school graduation.  Still working on the binding but wanted to get some pictures posted.  (could probably finish the binding this evening but wanted to have something to take along with me to my quilt meeting tomorrow....lol)

several photos taken of different parts....*smile*

                                                                   *this is the back*

On my way home from my step sister's house, I was confronted with a sever thunderstorm between me and home.....not fun.  It was producing tornadoes and was making my husband, and me, nervous.  So....I stopped off for a bit to wait out the storm before heading on home.  Took this picture as the storm was clearing.

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Anonymous said...

lovely post but gee that weather doesnt look to good.xx