Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm a fan of soups for many reasons....but especially because they are usually low calories and they are yummy.
I ran across a brand of soup in a bag that you just add to boiling water and thought "I'll give it a try".   Let me tell you, the potato soup was wonderful.  My husband said he still liked my homemade stuff better, but for me this stuff was awesome and a lot easier as well.  Think I may have to add my own homemade dumplings to the package stuff though, because....I love dumplings!
We are trying the beef kind tonight.  It already smells wonderful so I am sure it will be good.
The brand is Bear Creek if you are interested and here are some pics of the packaging.

Just have to say it one more time.... Yummy! family didn't care for the vegetable beef but I liked it pretty well.

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Betty Lou said...

Would you believe the last time I was at the market I bought some Bear Creek Potato Soup mix. Haven't tried it, but with your good recommendation it should be tasty. Always looking for something quick and easy on these fall days.