Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Not "OH WOW!!!"  but WOW = World of Warcraft.  Yes, I played until recently.  Just stopped my account for the time being.  I really haven't been playing much because I have lost a little bit of interest in it and I am just too busy with my other hobbies at the moment....writing my book and quilting.  Also, there is the demanding family to consider (lol...just kidding honey...love you!)
So.....until further notice, I am through playing WOW even though I do still love the game.
My character Tallee which I have been playing for over a year.  She's a hunter and a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

My brother plays this every day mind you he is 50 something he loves it and so does my son and his son.

Mr. Nelson said...

I love you too, honey... as long as my demands are being met. Ah, just kidding. Keep blogging and having fun.