Sunday, October 2, 2011

In case you are interested

I realized that I haven't posted any pics of my office/sewing room.  It is a small space, about 6ft by 6ft square.  No closets and no storage space.  My handy husband made me some shelves and I have taken advantage of them for my fabrics (pre-quilting days a few months ago they were filled with my book collection which is now stored in another closet in the hallway outside my office/sewing room).
For the room being a small space, I have it filled with things I love and work spaces to spread out on.
Here you go....take a look.
 Here is a pic of my sewing's made to have the sewing machine put inside the table but since the machine that came with it isn't working and the one on the table is a loaner, will have to wait until I get the new machine and let my husband insert the thing into the table for me.  Right now I know I couldn't do a lot of work on the sewing machine as it is because it just sits too high at the moment and it tends to hurt my wrists when I work too much on one project.
 This is my office desk space.  Book shelf and printer behind me.  I can roll from the desk to the sewing machine table pretty easily and when I have a big project it is usually spread out across both spaces.  And yes, those are my stuff animals from younger years above the window.  Some things you just can't throw away or give away because they mean something to you.
 A look at part of the book shelf my husband built and my sons quilt I am working on is hanging over the door.
 My candy apple red guitar....another of my hobbies I just can't get into right at the moment.  Too busy making pretty things.
 My bookshelf and fabric collection.  I am just starting so my stash is pretty small as of yet.
 Here is my sons quilt....putting on the front half of the binding.  I will do the back side by hand.
Well....there you go.  My sewing room/office.  It may be a small space, but I love it.

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Anonymous said...

it may be small Kristi but you have organised it well and by doing that you have fitted a lot of stuff in there and what a happy place to sew.