Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finished at last!!!

At last at last...I'm finished at last.  The book I am working on it complete.  I have to transfer the last two chapters from paper onto my computer (because I always write everything by hand first) and then I need to do one or two good edit jobs through it.....then will begin the agent finding and publishing process.  I was going to try to self publish on an e-book site but I am still wavering back and self publish or to try my hand at getting someone to like my work and publish it for me.  Decisions Decisions!!!!
I have four other stories began so I will be going over them to see which one will be my next potential novel.  
So very exciting and so very excited!!!!

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LunchBox said...


I'm glad that you decided to take that writing class and you already have your first book done. That's quite an accomplishment in a short amount of time Kristi.