Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tell me what to talk about....

So.....What shall I talk about today??  How I helped my husband this weekend unload two grain bins into the wheat truck and how tired I was afterward?  Or how we went to a cousin get-together and deciding that I would have rather not gone (with the exception of seeing a few choice relatives it was kind of a waste of time.) **smile**

I think I will mention my new office.  Needless to say, I love it.  My wonderful husband built me a new bookshelf (smaller then the last one but plenty of space still....for the moment).  I love sitting at my desk with the window open enjoying the breeze blowing in.  It's lovely!!!

I'm also going to put into writing that I have to start working on my own body.  Getting rid of some weight and just feeling better about myself overall.  It's important for myself and for my family.  Going to start taking walks around my neighborhood and also taking walks in the wonderful park we have here that has a great walking trail.  I am going to start doing Zumba (at home) again as well. I have a lot of neat videos on my computer and I just need to make myself do them.  

Well....I guess I am done rambling for the evening.  Good Night my few followers!!!  **smile**

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