Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I may not....but I am

I may not be as good of a writer as my favorite authors....but I am trying.  I may not have words in my story that flow through your mind like water tumbling over the stones in a brook all in melodic accord....but I am trying.  I may not have well defined characters that make you want to be them, hate them, love them, or envy them....but I am trying.  I may not paint a picture for you to see with words like an artist does with paints....but I am trying.  I am trying ....and that's all I can do.  That doesn't mean I will ignore the flaws and just go on just because I don't feel the words I write are what I want them to be.....I will try to improve, try to expand, try to create a complete package when I am through!

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