Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doll coat

Well, I have not really ever made doll cloths but decided I would give it a try for my 8 year old daughter's 18" doll (like an American Girl Doll ) named Leah. 
We (my daughter and I) decided to start with a coat for her baby doll made out of knit fabric.  No pattern was used, I just traced around the baby and preyed it would work the way I thought it would in my head.

I didn't sew a hem on the bottom or the sleeves but didn't figure I would need to with it being made out of knit.
I did buy some doll cloths patterns and some material just for my daughter's doll....since the coat didn't turn out too bad, will have to try them next (even though an actual pattern is a bit

 My mother when she saw the pic said it looked kind of like a Harry Potter that she mentions it, it kind of does.  lol


Anonymous said...

looks good ,well done Kristi.xx

Ann Marie said...

The coat looks nice. Good luck with the doll clothes pattern.

rubyslipperz said...

I think it is awesome that you are making clothes for your daughter's doll(s). Some of my most cherished memories are those of when my mom (I'm 60 right now), made clothes for my dolls. I can still see her sitting in her chair on Sundays (she worked the other 6 days) and even handsewing the hems of dresses or adding embellishments.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

I think that coat is wonderful...especially as it is like a Harry Potter coat! Have fun making those dolly clothes xo

Chris said...

You did a great job with that coat, Kristi! My wife tried to make one for our daughter’s doll, but she couldn’t seem to get the right measurements. Sewing isn’t for her, I think. So, I went online to check-out ready-made doll clothes and accessories. I told her to buy instead, and she completely agrees without any second thoughts. Haha!

Chris Jeffery