Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

The year of 2012 has been a good one overall.  I have felt happy and more or less healthy even with the flu running wild in the school I work at.  I started back going to college in Aug. and only took 3 classes knowing I still had two kids at home with their own activities, a husband who works a lot of hours as a teacher as well as helping his grandfather on the family farm.  I also work a full time job, so I figured 3 classes was a good number to start with.  Little did I know that one of my classes would cause me such heartache, headache, and nearly an emotional breakdown worrying about what I would do if I failed the class.  It was needed for me to continue on with the elem. education degree and if I didn't pass, all I kept thinking was, "What will I do?"Luckily, I did pass.  Two A's on two of my classes and the class I was stressing, well, lets just say I passed enough to not take the class again.  I am not happy with my grade considering how much work and time I put into it but I am happy I no longer have to worry about it.   Anyways.....because of these classes, I didn't get very many quilts accomplished, but the ones I did do I'm pretty happy with.

These are not in order of when they were made.

Geese in a Circle - This was a project I introduced to my quilt guild, asking the ladies to participate if they wanted to.  Each lady who wanted to do it was asked to make 4 sections a month for four months.  When we got together each month, you traded two of your 4 sections with someone else who was participating.  When the four months were up, we combined the 8 sections we kept with the 8 sections that were given to us.  As you can see, I made my sections in like pairs so it was more uniform, however some of the ladies did not do that and it made a different look, you can see the unmatched pair I received in the lower right corner.  I still love this quilt...what a great way to combine our skills and love of quilting.

This 12 months of Chrismtmas wall hanging was from Temecula Quilt Co.
 We call it 12 weeks of summer however and were given the blocks to complete over the summer break.  I love the way it looks.

This paper piece table runner was made for my quilt guild secret sister.  She collects tea cups and loves to read.  She is also a horse lover.  She loved getting the table runner in her Christmas gift on the last day we exchanged things for the year.  She was a fun secret sister to buy for. Pattern from

This table runner was made for my 18year old cousin who loves lime green.  I had problems buying lime green online (no quilt shops here in my town) but I think this table runner looks cool, fresh, and will grow up with her I hope.  She has it laying on the foot of her bed actually and Loved it.  It made me happy that she appreciated it so much.

This owl baby quilt is for my new niece.  She is such a little doll and I loved making this half square triangle quilt for her.

This table topper was a gift for one of my best friends who is also a cousin.  She is into western things so the table topper was made with fabric that had a tooled leather look and some fabric with barbed wire and subtle western motifs.  I really like it and so did she.

This quilt is also for another best friend.  It's a friendship star lap quilt and she loves it.   

And  finally this table topper is made for the teacher I work with.  She loves purple and said the little table topper would be cherished by her and her family.  Glad she liked it.

Thanks for visiting me and hope you had a wonderful 2012 and 2013 is even better.  Happy New Years Eve.


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