Saturday, April 21, 2012

Some Yummy Stuff

So, I had to find some fabric backing for my jelly strip quilt top I made last week.  So this is what I found....along with some Hello Luscious charm packs.  Bought this off of Etsy (really need a Etsy addiction

There was a Quilt show in town today.....I put my pink half-square triangle baby quilt in it.  I went to check it out today and saw a lot of amazing pieces!!!  Was a lot of fun.   Also picked up some goodies at a couple of the vendors.
Bought the lil' twister template, a hexie ruler and some fat quarters to start my sister Adlea's black, red and white quilt she would like.  Not sure what pattern yet but love the fabrics.
Finally....decided, since I am a new quilter and can still keep track of what I have made, I am going to start keeping a block from each quilt and turn them into Polaroid pictures to make a scrappy quilt (
Here is the general idea.  The top right block is the way it will kind of look once it is all put together. 

Wanted to post where I saw this idea for the polaroid picture quilt.  Charm About You's site

Sunday, April 15, 2012

After the Storms!!!

We survived the storms last night and all of my family in Oklahoma (Alva, Cherokee, Woodward Areas and Wichita Area) are safe as well.  Not everyone is so lucky however and my thoughts and prayers go out to them as they deal with their loss.

Had said yesterday I would post pics today of what I finished and started while sitting at home waiting on the storms. 

First off I finished my step sister's quilt for her baby she is expecting.  I think it turned out pretty cute.   The top quilting was pretty simple, just diagonal lines ....I didn't think it needed much else with all the busy pattern of half square triangles.

I also started a jelly roll race quilt just because I think they look neat, just pulling strips off the pile and getting a quick quilt.  Here's mine.  I used Aviary 2 strips.

I just have the top completed....will have to think what else I want to do with it.  I love pretty!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blame the storms!!

I have a couple projects I wanted to show this evening but the cord to connect my phone to my computer is downstairs, safely in the basement since we have packed up our important stuff in case a tornado hits.  We've already been in the basement once this afternoon but so far, we are still in good shape. 
Anyways....I finished the baby quilt I was working on for my step-sisters little one she is having in June.  The shower is in May so I was eager to get it finished.  Really didn't want to be finishing the binding while I was sitting at her shower eating cake.  lol
The other project I started today was a jelly roll race quilt.  Not sure what this quilt is actually called other then that.  Saw it called a 1,600 quilt.  lol   Wasn't racing anyone while doing it....maybe the storms in case it knocked out the power.  lol   I think it turned out super cute.  My husband says it's all over the  He likes my quilts that have a uniform pattern.  He's not too fond of the ones that have lots of fabrics patterns all over the quilt.  Oh well...I love it.  This will be pretty hanging over the back of a chair here in my living room.  Now I just need to decide what kind of backing I want and what I want to quilt on the top!!

Hope everyone has a safe/tornado free evening!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting my butt in gear

So....for the past few years I have wanted to go back to school and finish getting my degree in Elem. Education. I have three years under my belt from right out of high school, but then moving and then kids and various other excuses got in the way.  Well....finally getting my butt in gear, getting my paper work filled out and I hope to be enrolled in the fall 2012.   If I am really motivated I may even take a class or two this summer but not sure yet.

Wish me luck!!  lol

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Best Friend

My best friend received the 4th quilt I have ever made....(not really counting the table topper I made for my other friend or the Harley wallhanging I made my step-dad).  I decided to go with a friendship star pattern and the fabric (aside from a couple 5" squares of another fabric since I was running low on material) is called Gatherings.

Shawna and I have been best friends since Jr. at 36yrs old (she's 35yrs....better make sure I don't tell the world she is 36 like we are still the best of friends.  Despite life's trials and tribulations, tears and heartache, the love and friendship we have for one another still shines through. 

love her to pieces!

Her son (right in front of her) thought he needed to be in the picture also.  lol

Here's a few various other photos of what's been going on the past week or so.  *smile*
Attempting hexies and really loving them.  I purposefully didn't make a "flower" pattern because, even though they always look lovely, they just aren't me and this project, when finished, will be mine.  *smile*

My lilacs are in bloom and I just HAD TO bring a bunch into the house.  I don't know if it's just me or the fact that we got a lot of rain before they bloomed out or what, but the smell this year is so strong and rich.  My entire back yard smells of lilacs and this little bunch in my living room just fills the house with their smell.  love it!!

I bought a 20 strip bundle of Flea Market Fancy and a 40 strip bundle of Aviary 2.  If anyone has any good pattern ideas for jelly strips I would love some ideas.  I do have a yard of one of the Aviary patterns to go with this strip set.  Love them both....such pretty colors!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!!