Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snow Snow and more Snow

We have had the pleasure of receiving a lot of snow within the last couple of days here in Kansas and we are getting some more tonight and tomorrow with a Blizzard.  I say that we have had the pleasure a bit sarcastically because I don't like the snow and cold but I say it in all seriousness too because we are in dire need of moisture around here, so it's kind of welcome.
I haven't been at work since Tues because of the last snow storm and we are already out on Monday because of the one that is hitting tonight.  I work in a school as you know, so that means my kids are home too.
This unexpected time at home has given us a chance to spend some time together as well as given me time to catch up on some school work for my college classes. 
I am missing the kids in the class I work in, but enjoying this time with my family too.

stay warm and stay safe

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a good yarn said...

I much prefer the cold and would love to experience the snow and a *proper* winter. I'm clicking my heels but can't seem to get to Kansas! Stay safe and warm.