Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation but not much sewing

Well....I did work on my hexies a bit while I was on vacation but in all actuality, I got nothing done but sitting on the beach!  lol

Here's just a few pictures of my family and I along with my dad and his family on our vacation to South Padre Island, TX.

 Just me soaking up the sun .....then the next two pictures happened on the first full day on the beach!!

Jelly fish sting up my arm....ouch
 and dislocated my ring finger on my right hand while body surfing....double ouch!!!
But I still enjoyed the week on the beach!!!!!  Lovely weather too the whole time!
 My husband and I took our kids to a Marine animal touch tank center.....they didn't want to hold the blowfish but I did!!  It was so cute!
 The kids....these are my two kids sure did enjoy their first time seeing the ocean and riding the waves!!
 Here is the whole bunch....left to, my husband and our two kids are in front of us, then my half brother Shawn, his mom Sayuri, in front of her is my half sister Sasha, and then my dad Stoney.  My kids and my dad's kids are about the same age and they all four had a blast together!!!!
 My daughter and I holding some birds....they were so cute! goofy him though!

 Here's my husband and myself body surfing on the waves....too much fun.

 Last day on the beach....beautiful skies.....  One last picture of my family!
 And one last picture on the beach of my dad's family!!
Sorry I'm pushing my pictures on you....hope you enjoyed.  *smile*  

Have a great 4th of July!!!!

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Anonymous said...

lovely pics Kristi so glad you all had a great time.xx