Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilting, book, home, and yard.......oh my!!

Well....I finished Alea's quilt I was making.  It's an Eye Spy quilt so each block is a different novelty patten (button, cats, horses, bugs, sport banners, ect....).  I didn't want to send the quilt off to have the top quilted, too expensive just for a little quilt she is going to be sleeping with and rolling around on the floor with so I just did a stitch in the ditch (as it's called) on it.  It looks okay even with a little puckering on the back of it.  She loved it so I guess that is all that matters despite the faults I see with it.
I am starting Joshua's quilt and it being much larger then Alea's is already becoming a bit of a challenge for me.....the cutting of pieces that is.  I see why the pre-cut stuff is becoming so popular (jelly rolls, cake stacks, honeybuns and such....those are terms used for pre-cut fabric sizes).  
I am determined to continue quilting my own quilts together so I bought the necessary presser foot needed to machine quilt the layers together.  Been practicing on little "sandwich" samples on my stippling and hearts and flowers and such.....seems easy enough on a small piece.....We shall see.

The Book - Well....not done much with it lately.  I need to edit it.  In my writing process I left out some Details and I need to go back and make it more exciting and interesting in places.  I also need to send off some query letters to some agents and publishers.  

Home and yard - still have some painting to do upstairs...trim work and doors and a closet.  Then that will be done.  I am also wanting to start painting on my kitchen.  We ( is working on our dining room table once more.  We've had it in our garage for a couple years now and we are wanting to get it striped down and painted.  He pulled it out and worked on it some more last night....eventually it will get done.  The yard looks nice but the 100+ degree heat has taken it's toll on some of the grass and has started making my radishes seed out even though they aren't ready to even be picked yet.  Oh well.  

Over all things are good....Life is good.....and We are enjoying it!  Hope life finds you the same dear readers!!!

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