Sunday, January 13, 2013

What to do??

Yesterday I spent most of the morning with 6 ladies from my quilt group at one of the ladies cabin.  And what were we doing you may ask.....Well, we were cutting all the strips needed to make 12 log cabin blocks so that we could have a whole top already cut and ready to be sewn together.  We used three of the ladies Accuquilt Go!...have to say, I have to have one of these now (or something similar).

So, now that I have a new project to work on I thought I would take a moment to gather my thoughts and figure out where I stand with some of my projects.

Project #1 - Hexi Quilt - Been working on this one for awhile now just while at quilt meetings or sitting in bed or watching tv.  Not something that needs to be done in any timely manner since it's mine and just something for me to have handwork to do.

Project #2 - Log Cabin Quilt - As stated above, pieces are cut out.  I want to get this sewn together soon but not a pressing matter.

Project #3 - My daughter's Half Square Triangle Quilt - Was really flying through this one until I ran out of fabric.  Then I had to wait until I got more and haven't picked it up since.  Really need to finish this one.

Project #4 - Christmas Table Runner - Top is done....looking for backing to match the colors better then what I have.

Project #5 - Oh My Stars QA - This poor quilt.  I have some blocks done and at first I was keeping up with the quilt along because they were going at a reasonable pace....then they picked up the pace and with work and kids and all, I couldn't keep up.  Now I only work on it occasionally but I want to work on this one more.

Project #6 - Charity Quilt - My sister has asked me to make a quilt for a charity auction she is involved with.  I told her I would try but if I can't get it done by the time it's needed I will just end up giving it to her.  It's going to be a twister quilt of a large Cross done in blues and browns.  The pieces are cut and pinned together in just need to sew, twist it and resew it.

Project #7 - Modifies Jelly Roll Quilt - What once was a jelly roll race quilt that I wasn't happy with, has now been cut apart and resewn into a different pattern.  I love the just trying to figure out what to do with them as a layout.

So....That is it!!!!  Seems daunting to me to have so many considering I have only been quilting a couple of years.....but I am determined to get a few of these out of the way this year. (some of these were on last years list of things to do....goodness!)

Happy Quilting!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doll coat

Well, I have not really ever made doll cloths but decided I would give it a try for my 8 year old daughter's 18" doll (like an American Girl Doll ) named Leah. 
We (my daughter and I) decided to start with a coat for her baby doll made out of knit fabric.  No pattern was used, I just traced around the baby and preyed it would work the way I thought it would in my head.

I didn't sew a hem on the bottom or the sleeves but didn't figure I would need to with it being made out of knit.
I did buy some doll cloths patterns and some material just for my daughter's doll....since the coat didn't turn out too bad, will have to try them next (even though an actual pattern is a bit

 My mother when she saw the pic said it looked kind of like a Harry Potter that she mentions it, it kind of does.  lol